Who am I?

My name is Isabelle Kroeker. I am currently a Junior in college in the middle of nowhere Indiana. I really enjoy watching movies of all kinds like Marvel movies and Star Wars. I love horseback riding.

If you ask dog or cat, I will always say dog. I am what you would call a “dog whisperer.”

What can I do?

I am a photographer of all kinds of things. Currently, I take a lot of horse pictures, but I also take pictures of sunsets and people.

Making websites is my career goal and I can set up basic WordPress sites and Blogger. I can make them look pretty and/or professional, whatever your style, and get you started. Pretty soon I’ll know how to use Dreamweaver and make any kind of website I could ever dream of (well sort of).

I currently have the whole Adobe suite which is the best thing in the world. I use InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop almost every day.

If you need any design work, please see my Services & Pricing page and/or shoot me an email: isabelle.kroeker@gmail.com.