Design Portfolio

Website Design

Over the past two years, I have taken a few classes in website design, which taught me the coding aspect of it. But in addition to coding, I have been working specifically with WordPress and some of it’s themes. I created a website for Lori Taylor who wanted it to promote her daughter’s story and taught her the ropes so that she could continue using it herself. For my sister’s Youtube channel I created a website for her which she will use to promote her channel.

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Poster Design

Last year I was able to design a poster for my roommate’s movie she was filming and then the media communication department hired me to design a poster for our Envision Film Festival. Currently, I am working at my school’s Calling and Career Office and just completed two new posters for them.

Graphic Design for Print

I designed my best friends save the dates, wedding invitations and RSVPs and my sister’s graduation invites. I also created a postcard for a marriage retreat at my church for my internship last summer.

Graphic Design for Web

I manage social media sites for the Calling and Career Office at Taylor University and have designed various pieces to advertise events and our services.

Page Design

For two and a half years I have worked for The Echo designing a two page spread. I have also designed for the front page and the back page on two separate occasions in which the designs were in color.