Design Portfolio


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Rope This Ranch Branding

For a layout and design class, the final project was to take an existing company or organization and redesign their brand. I worked with a partner to design a brochure, letter head, envelope, logo, newsletter, business cards and posters. It was a project that had us work on establishing a set color scheme and “look” for the organization. I enjoyed working with my partner as we both had different skill sets. She ended up writing most of the content and I did the design.

Website Design

Personal Website

In my web design class, the final project was to design and code our personal website. My website currently exists as an online portfolio for me to display my graphic design and photography projects. To complete it, I used Dreamweaver to build it and code with HTML and CSS. The theme and responsive design was built with Bootstrap. I loved designing my color scheme and brand to market myself.


Ann Kroeker Brand

As I got started designing, I wanted to gain some more experience and be able to do some real design work for people. My mom, Ann Kroeker, is a writer, blogger and coach who works with other bloggers and writers. To market herself, she needed a quality design and brand. She already had the website, but she hired me to design a logo, business cards and various different graphics. She now has a fluid design look and comes to me with each new design need.



Event Graphics

College Park Church

As part of my internship, I was given several projects to create graphics for several events. The first one was part of branding for a marriage retreat. Once I created the main design, I edited it for multiple formats–booklet, powerpoint slide, e-news, and postcard. We tried multiple different stock photos, not liking any of them and after I was asked to be a second shooter for a wedding, I had my own photo that we could use.

Graphics (con.)

Calling and Career Office

Throughout the past year, the office put on multiple events. As the social media coordinator, I created graphics like the Shark Tank graphic to promote the event on Facebook and Instagram. I also created graphics to promote the services of the office and designed posters to advertise our online job board and an event. The posters were printed and distributed around campus for all students to see.

News Layout

The Echo

For several years I have worked as a page designer and now Design Co-Editor of our school newspaper. Each week, I layout the content for a two-page spread. I arrange the pictures and text in a way to fill the white space but also to remain readable and clean. I create graphics when needed for the story and have designed the front page and back page on two separate occasions, which required a color spread.

 Layout & Design

Photography Business Plan

For a portraiture photography class, the final project was to design a spread for a business plan. I researched and decided the tools I had and still needed, necessary advertising, the cost of doing business and the prices I would charge for the skills I had.


Senior, Event and Studio Photos

During my years as Taylor I have taken several photography classes. It started with learning the basic skills to now a focus on portraits and commercial. I have shot many location shots and I am building my portfolio with studio shots as well. I learned on Canon cameras and am now fluent with Nikon.