Graphic Design

envisionposter2016Everyone in the world has different skills. Some are great writers, some engineers and others programmers. While I can’t do any of those other things, I can design. And that’s what I want to share with the world.

Graphics can be used for many purposes. I have designed pictures with quotes on them. Then they can be pinned of Pinterest, tweeted on Twitter or simply used to enhance the content of a blog post.

Infographics are another big thing to help readers understand lots of information but keep it interesting with pictures. Some families send out yearly newsletters to keep other family updated, and some need a logo to help start their self-publishing business.

Pretty much anything you can think of, I can create if you have a vision.

PRICING: $5 per graphic  |  $50 for 10  |  $55 for 12

Web Design

annBrandWhether you are starting a blog or need a way to show the world what you have to offer, you could use a website. Websites can be difficult to figure out, but that’s what I want to help with. You already have the hard part of figuring out all the content you require on your website, so let me design you a great-looking website. Professional or fresh and fun, a website is an important part of showing who you are and your brand.

PRICING: $20 per hour


sittingonrocktallPhotography is something I enjoy very much. I took a class in college and it inspired me to continue working with it. I love seeing the world through a lens and trying to capture all the different pieces. I hope that I could help you capture what you want: family pictures, portraits, or pictures of you and your horse.

PRICING: email me